Friday, December 13, 2013

6 months

boonie, booner, the boone dog, boonerator, booneroo festival...  you are the best.  my favorite kid so far.  people told me about this overwhelming love that would come with being a parent.  it's true. so so true. life is better with you.

sweet is a good word to describe you. i am biased, but i think you are handsomest guy around.

unimpressed is another good word to describe you. you don't give your smiles out for free.  people have to earn that sh*t. whenever we bring you to a new crowd it takes you a while to warm up.  no tears.  you just look around, take it in, and then when you feel comfortable, you start to give a little.  your dad and i can make you smile and giggle almost immediately though.  your smile starts in your eyes (tyra banks would be proud).  my favorite is when you give the half smile, or i like to call it, the flirt.  at your 6 month check up, we got you naked per the usual and you half smiled at the nurse.  it was almost if you were saying, you like what you see?

you plank like a boss. your dad and i always tell you to relax because your legs and toes are always pointed. 

you have been sitting up unassisted for a while now.  rolling over is happening - although sometimes it's an effort.  i think it is because you are huge.  not like fat.  you are just a big boy.  solid. dense.

you love the oven light.  watching the clothes go around in the dryer.  the vacuum.  all lights.  i put up a small Christmas tree in your room and you stop eating to look at it.  big deal.

you have your moments, but overall are a good sleeper.  just wake up once to eat and then your are out.  your dad will find every excuse in the book to bring you in bed with us.  sometimes i think he goes in and nudges you to wake up.

no teeth yet. 

you are a happy baby.  i heart you. 

stats @ 6 months
Weight: 19 lbs 11 oz 85%
Length: 27.5 in 85%
Head: 45.5 cm 96%



oven light stare down

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  1. Has anyone ever told you that you have a cute kid?