Saturday, May 10, 2014


boone's first word he repeated was "hot".  He says daddadadadadad all the time.  even says momamaoamoam.  however, he doesn't look at us when he says it and he doesn't repeat it when we ask him to.  "hot" was the first word he repeated.  and it was so cute.  everything is "hot".  Sometimes he actually points to the stove or the oven and says hot....can you say genius!  hello Harvard.  it actually sounds like "hotsch" or "awt". 

He also says "toots".  my parents dog.  when we go to their house and step in the garage he looks for her cage and says. toooots.  I die.

and "ball".

again - Harvard is calling.

if I had twins, I don't think I would dress them the same.  however, I love dressing cousins who look nothing alike the same. like it's my favorite.


9 month stats

i realized that I need to update this thing when I already forget boone's milestones.  someone asked me when he started to crawl and I was like 8 months? 9 months?  and the other day walker told me this blog was the only thing he liked about me... so here we go

boone's little personality is starting to come thru.  he continues to be so laid back. so laid back.  but he is finding his voice when he wants something.  especially when he wants to be picked up.  He still loves the oven light, in fact it has turned into a love for all appliances and household cleaning supplies.  loves the vacuum.  loves when I turn it on.  loves to touch it when it is off.  loves the blender.  loves his dads loud tools.  he is becoming less and less stone cold.  smiles and giggles often now. 

a few factoids (I think....)
 - first tooth at 7.5 months. 
- started to crawl at 8.5 months
- started to pull himself up at 9 months

Weight: 21lbs (65%)
Height: 30 in (93%)
Head: 47.5 cm (95%)

loves his hulk poster

go seahawks

first parent hangover....

or new years.  It was also a good friends bday.  it was at a dive bar, so I brought my own champagne, naturally. it was a good time.

the next day however, was the worst.  being hungover is a horrid feeling with a kid.  horrid.  he just wanted to be held and hang out and I just wanted to eat a cheeseburger and sleep.

Bend part 2

bend part two happened on a whim.  walker and I planned on visiting my brother and the next thing we knew, the entire fam was going.  we rented the same house. weather was perfect. boone loves bend.

First Christmas

was amazing.  kids bring on a new meaning to Holidays.  loved spending time with the family.  Jax and Boone made out like bandits this year.  Walker and I actually didn't get boone anything.  grandparents and fam did it all... we are trying to figure out how to balance this whole gift giving thing when he knows what's going on.  it is easy to get carried away and we don't want him to turn into a monster.  walker has a "let's give a gift away every time he gets one" idea.  i like it.



I have so much catching up to do on this thing.